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WATCH: Nyle DiMarco teaches Tyler Oakley how to flirt in sign language

They also want to spread the word about the importance of inclusivity.

WATCH: Nyle DiMarco teaches Tyler Oakley how to flirt in sign language

In a new video by our favorite gay YouYuber, Tyler Oakley, he is joined by supermodel and Dancing with the Stars contestant Nyle DiMarco to teach us how to flirt in sign language.

If you want to learn to sign icebreakers like, ‘Do you come here often?’ or ‘Want to go to your place?’ then this video is definitely your quick to-go guide.

But jokes aside, this video is important and significant because it aims to send out the message of inclusivity.

As we all know, the gay community is known for its categorisation, and hence segregation, of its members.

In allowing so, we are not only restricting our options, when it comes to finding love or friendship, we are also perpetuating some form of discrimination, which in this case, is based on someone’s ability to hear and converse via speech.

This is not the first time Tyler is standing up for people with hearing disabilities. Since the beginning of 2015, he has been trying to educate his millions of viewers on the issues faced by the deaf community.

And he is certainly walking the talk by having all his videos of YouTube closed-captioned, and he is  also encouraging other YouTubers to do the same.

Now, are you ready for some flirty sign language?


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