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WATCH: One year on after Pulse, the Orlando tragedy that left 49 dead

WATCH: One year on after Pulse, the Orlando tragedy that left 49 dead

Millions mourned over the deaths of 49 people in Pulse - most victims were LGBTI.

A year ago today, on 12 June 2016, in Orlando gay club Pulse at 2am, 49 people were tragically killed in one of the worst gun massacre in American history.

The gunman Omar Mateen attacked the club with an assault styled rifle and pledged his loyalty to ISIS (Islamic State) when he began shooting.

In a video to pay tribute to the 49 victims, we have collected a series of news clips and moments of what happened after the tragedy.

This includes people coming together for vigils and Prides from all over the globe, a survivor meeting Katy Perry on the Ellen DeGeneres show and Lady Gaga making a plea to stop all the hatred.

Celebrities also voice their opinions on the video. RuPaul said: ‘As gay people we get to choose our family, and my family includes many brave men and women across the country and around the world, don’t fuck with my family.’

People donated blood to help the survivors while others got rainbow pulse tattoos in memory of those who were killed.

Barbara Poma, the owner of Pulse, said. ‘Orlando will always show how united we are.’

Today marks one year on and a series of religious services will take place for the victim’s families, survivors, city officials and locals of Orlando.

The church bells of Orlando will ring 49 times in honor of those who were lost at 12pm.

Starting off with a service on Monday morning, which is not open to the public, families, survivors, officials and staff who worked at Pulse will pay tribute to the dead.

Continuing on with a midday service which is being held outside the nightclub followed by an evening service in downtown Orlando before finishing with a night service.

However in spite of what happened, political officials in Orlando have had their attempts to introduce tighter gun control blocked by Republicans.

State Representative Carlos Guillermo-Smith said: ‘These weapons are the gold standard for mass murder.

‘With these rifles, folks who have a troubling hatred, bigotry and homophobia have been able to successfully carry out their attacks against groups and communities they most hate.’