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WATCH: Penis Park is an actual place in South Korea

WATCH: Penis Park is an actual place in South Korea

Penis Park

Located in Sinnam, South Korea, this penis-themed park is a NSFW tourist destination.

Formally called Haesindang Park, the theme of the park is based on an old legend.

What’s the legend?

In the Legend of Auebawi and Haesindang, a woman was left by a man on a rock in the sea while he worked. Due to a storm, the man was unable to retrieve her, and the woman ended up drowning.

After this incident, the people of the village were unable to catch fish. They blamed this on the dead woman. Then, one day, a fisherman ejaculated into the sea and suddenly was able to catch fish again. It was thought that exposing the deceased virgin woman to male genitalia pleased her, and thus allowed them to catch fish.

To honor the dead virgin and to ensure the fish would remain, the people of the village built wooden phallic-shaped effigies in her honor and held religious ceremonies on her behalf.

Aebawi Rock, the location where the woman was said to have died, is still used in biannual events to this day.

The penis statues

In addition to at least 50 phallic statues made by local artists, the park features a statue of the virgin girl, and a bronze statue about the legend.

The penis sculptures are in various shapes and sizes. Some are incorporated into benches, chimes, drums, and even a cannon.

Penis cannon
The penis cannon Flickr/ezzie901
Penis statues next to benches
Penis statues next to park benches Flickr/cezzie901/

Learn more about Haesindang Park in the video below: