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WATCH: Polish LGBTI couples lip sync George Michael medley for marriage equality

They hope to put pressure on their government, which also refuses to recognize civil unions

WATCH: Polish LGBTI couples lip sync George Michael medley for marriage equality
This same-sex couple is lip syncing to George Michael for marriage equality

A couple is lip syncing a George Michael medley in the hopes to bring same-sex marriage to Poland.

Vloggers Jakub Kwiecinski and David Mycek put together a medley of the gay singer’s greatest hits and asked other members of the Polish LGBTI community to star alongside them in the video.

Jakub told Gay Star News: ‘We wanted to show LGBT couples, show ourselves to the people and help them understand that we really exist and they don’t need to be afraid of us.

‘We’re just human beings like they are.’

He said they hope the video will force the Polish government to at least consider recognizing civil unions in the country.

‘When you live in Poland, you have to count on your own because law, government, people are mostly against you. So we did this hoping that we can spread our message all around to create some pressure on Polish authorities to change the law for us,’ he said.

Marriages can only happen abroad

The country’s laws have personally affected the couple: they cannot marry at home, so they will travel to Portugal to celebrate their wedding.

‘Going abroad to get married is really a shame. We would rather do it in our local civil office, but we can’t,’ Jakub said.

Their marriage won’t be recognized when they return home, either, but Jakub admitted he and David — who have previously made a music video for the Roxette’s ‘Some Other Summer’ — are ‘two romantics’ who want to have a ceremony to ‘feel this moment.’

The government won’t budge — yet

Polish president Andrzej Duda said in January that the Polish constitution clearly defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and he didn’t foresee that changing.

‘I do not think that the political majority today would agree to any amendment to the Constitution in this area, water down this clause and open interpretation that marriage could also include other genders,’ Duda said to a TV Republika broadcaster.

Still, Jakub, David and the rest of the LGBTI couples in the video said they still felt they would be successful in their cause — especially while singing George Michael’s ‘Freedom’.

They said: ‘We are not going to let go and we are not afraid. When we sang “Freedom” at the end we really felt a power that we can change the world. Not today, not tomorrow but one day it will happen.”

Watch the video here:

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