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WATCH: Randy Rainbow’s new song parody ‘Desperate Cheeto’

WATCH: Randy Rainbow’s new song parody ‘Desperate Cheeto’

Randy Rainbow

YouTube sensation, comic Randy Rainbow is at it again.

His latest video pokes fun at US President Donald Trump’s latest actions, including his visit to hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico and going off on football players taking a knee during the National Anthem.

As usual, the openly gay Rainbow cleverly uses footage from Trump’s interviews to set it all up.

“You’ve had a rough week for about a year now,” Rainbow says as starts off the video pretending to interview Trump.

Then he moves into his song, “Desperate Cheeto.”

He sings: “Maybe you should finally just admit you are a Desperate Cheeto, upsetting everyone you meet-o, reprimanding Puerto Rico, throwing paper products at the people, Desperate Cheeto, getting worse with every stupid tweet-o.”

Watch the video below: