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WATCH: RuPaul defines difference between drag and transgender

WATCH: RuPaul defines difference between drag and transgender

\RuPaul was his first Emmy in 2016.

RuPaul has treated the mainstream audience of American TV-channel fox to a lesson in LGBTI vocabulary.

As part of the Drag Race host’s segment on the channel’s daytime talk show The Real, one of the hosts asked for the difference between transgender and drag.

And RuPaul delivered, saying the difference was in the importance placed on identity.

‘Drag is really making fun of identity. We are shape shifters,’ Ru explained.

‘We’re like “Today I’m this. Now I’m a cowboy! Now I’m this!” That’s what drag is about.’

‘Transgender take identity very, very seriously, you know, in that their identity is who they are.

‘But, you know, I come from the school of you know, I’ll do whatever I want to do at any time and change whatever,’

RuPaul’s Drag Race has come under fire for utilizing transphobic language in the past.

In 2014, the show dropped the catchphrase ‘You’ve got She-Mail’, which alerted contestants to an incoming message from RuPaul, and removed it from all programming.

Trans activists also criticized a segment on the show in which contestants had to identify whether cropped photos showed women or former drag queen contestants.

Watch the The Real clip below: