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WATCH: Ryan Reynolds appears on a Korean singing show dressed as a unicorn

WATCH: Ryan Reynolds appears on a Korean singing show dressed as a unicorn

Ryan Reynolds dressed as a unicorn sings Tomorrow from Annie

Ryan Reynolds, the actor behind pansexual superhero Deadpool, recently appeared on a South Korean television show dressed up as a unicorn.

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Reynolds appeared on the show King of Masked Singer to promote Deadpool 2. He appeared in front of the audience and other celebrity contestants wearing a shimmery rainbow cape and a sparkling unicorn mask. Much like his character of Deadpool, Reynolds has no qualms showing his feminine side.

On King of Masked Singer, celebrities wear masks to hide their identities while singing popular songs to a live studio audience.

The song Reynolds chose to sing was Tomorrow from the musical Annie.

Once Reynolds removed the unicorn mask to reveal himself, people lost their minds with excitement.

‘What did I just look at? How did Deadpool manage to get here?’ one contestant shouted.

‘Hello everybody. I’m so sorry about that song,’ Reynolds said in a brief interview after the performance. ‘Yes, absolutely [I was nervous.] I was wearing an adult diaper!’

The host of the show asks Reynolds about keeping this performance a secret. ‘I didn’t even tell my wife,’ Reynolds admitted.

‘Thank you guys for having me. This was such a thrill,’ Reynolds said. ‘This was an unbelievable honor for me, you guys pushed me to my own limits and I thank you for that. It’s just the best.’