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WATCH: Sexiest bakers alive make a hot mess for Differio

WATCH: Sexiest bakers alive make a hot mess for Differio

A still from the Differio Hot Holidays campaign video

SPONSORED: We have just what you need to get fired up for the holidays. Differio recently released their 2017 Hot Holidays menswear campaign, featuring semi-nude bakers flexing their culinary skills, and we can’t keep calm.

You probably remember Differio for their previous campaigns featuring cheeky redhead, Seth Fornea.

Always pushing the limits of men’s fashion, this online store is basically a gold mine for guys that can’t get enough of unique and edgy clothing, like muscle-enhancing meggings, leather utility kilts, and studded jockstraps.

This isn’t just another collection of men’s clothing online that’s also available in every other department store. What makes them so different from other trendy men’s clothing websites is their variety of independent brands and designers, curated for guys on top of their style game.

While men’s streetwear is their forté, you can also find an unparalleled collection of trendy men’s shoes, accessories, grooming products and even men’s makeup (yes, it’s a thing now).

Exclusively sold online only, their latest winter collection is just as fiery as their Hot Holidays campaign. The commercial follows what looks likes the world’s hottest team of holiday bakers pounding out Christmas cookies, giving new meaning to the phrase: fresh from our kitchen.

Amidst this festive gathering of sugar-covered biceps, you actually won’t see too much of their fall/winter pieces, but we’re not complaining.

Whether you’re feeling naughty or nice this year, Differio makes it’s easer than every to gift-wrap sexy clothes for men. If you’re looking for some trendy outfit ideas for your next holiday party, here are some of their top winter picks going fast.

Top holiday items from the Winter Collection:

1. Faux fur Hood Parka Jacket In Red Plaid

Faux fur hooded parka
Faux fur hooded parka (Photo: Differio)

2. Shiny Satin Burgundy Pants in Slim Fit

Shiny Satin burgundy pants
Shiny Satin burgundy pants (Photo: Differio)

3. Leather Lace Up Boots in Dark Grey

4. Grey Plaid Pants in Slim Fit

Grey plaid pants
Grey plaid pants (Photo: Differio)

5. Black Leather Vest Laced Bandetta

Black leather vest by Differio
Black leather vest (Photo: Differio)

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