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WATCH: Singapore’s song for LGBTI people

WATCH: Singapore’s song for LGBTI people


Each year Singapore chooses a song to represent it on its National Day. The chosen song is performed along the popular National Day Parade.

The song is supposed to represent Singapore’s diversity with an accompanying music video showcasing the varied lives of Singaporeans.

‘Shopping malls typically play National Day songs in the lead up to the actual day itself and Singaporeans would hang the Singapore flag out of their homes as a sign of patriotism,’ said Sean* of Dear Straight People – Singapore’s leading LGBT website.

But there has never been a song to represent Singapore’s LGBTI community.

Ahead of this year’s National Day on August 9, LGBTI advocates took it upon themselves to make their own video.

The team at Dear Straight People  decided to produce a music video featuring prominent members of Singapore’s LGBT community.

‘The idea to do a LGBT National Day cover came to me just last week while I was brainstorming and together with my team, we managed to produce the entire video (audio and visuals) in just one week,’ Sean said.

Along with their straight allies the video is a reminder that LGBT people are also normal Singaporeans. The message of the video is that LGBTI Singaporean contribute to society and deserve to be seen.

Iconic home

‘Home’ is a cover of a popular former National Day song. Home is performed by bisexual pop star Lew, 19, who has been a chart hit for years in Singapore.

‘The reason why we chose to cover ‘Home‘ is because it is undoubtedly the most iconic and popular National Day Song ever released,’ Sean said.

‘The number of shares and likes on the video are also a testament to the positive reception to the video.

‘There has been some homophobic backlash as well. Our video was shared onto a notorious hate group called ‘We Are Against Pink Dot’ and there has also been some homophobic comments on the video itself.

‘But the vast majority of Singaporeans seem to love the video which is heartwarming and I believe that it points to Singaporeans’ slow but growing acceptance of the LGBT community.’

The video’s stars include powerful people who are changing the lives for LGBTI people. Some of the stars include:

  • Dr Khoo Hoon Eng – The inspirational mother of two gay sons who set up support group for parents of LGBT children.
  • NORIStar – One of Singapore’s top drag queens
  • Otto Fong – The teacher who sparked a national controversy when he came out publicly while still teaching at Singapore’s top school
  • Alex Teh – A 21-year old trans man who leads one of Singapore’s largest trans social groups.

‘Home’ is a bold statement in a country where it is consensual gay sex is illegal and even wearing your sexuality on t-shirt is controversial.

Since going live about 36 hours ago the video has amassed more than 40,000 on various platforms.

Watch the gorgeous video below:

*Sean asked for his surname not to be used for privacy reasons