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WATCH: This summer camp provides a safe space for trans kids

The camp plans to open locations around the United States

WATCH: This summer camp provides a safe space for trans kids

Rainbow Day Camp, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, seems like any other summer camp. Children play games, eat packed lunches, and make new friends.

However, Rainbow Day Camp is also a non-profit specifically for trans, non-binary, and other gender diverse youth.

Considering 75% of trans youth feel unsafe at school, Rainbow Day Camp can be seen as a safe haven for these children to explore their identities and be who they really are.

Rainbow Day Camp welcomes children between the ages of 4 and 12, and they even have a teen program for adolescents between the ages of 13 and 17.

According to Associated Press, each morning campers create new name tags that includes their preferred pronouns and name. For some kids, their names and pronouns change day by day as they figure out for themselves what feels right.

Experts say Rainbow Day Camp is one of the only camps of its kind that’s open to children as young as preschool age. Since the camp opened three summers ago, enrollment has nearly tripled, attracting children from all over the United States and even as far away as Africa.

With the success of the camp in the Bay Area, the organization is looking to expand to other locations starting summer 2018. Currently, the organization has plans to open a branch of the camp in Colorado.

And with parents and LGBTI organizations contacting them from other parts of the United States expressing interest in the program, branches may open up in Atlanta, Seattle, and other U.S cities.

GSN has reached out to Rainbow Day Camp requesting an interview.

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