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WATCH: Tom Daley and Nile Wilson re-team for shirtless extreme yoga

Each show off their excellent physiques in some interesting poses...

WATCH: Tom Daley and Nile Wilson re-team for shirtless extreme yoga
YouTube/Tom Daley
The Olympians try out shirtless, extreme yoga

First Olympians Tom Daley and Nile Wilson stripped for a diving vs. gymnastics show-down. Now, they’re showing off their perfect physiques once again. This time, however, they’re trying extreme yoga.

Daley continues to prove his YouTube account is a gift to us all by once again teaming with Wilson for an entertaining video.

Taking pose ideas from various people, including Daley’s better half, Dustin Lance Black, the two tackle intense yoga positions for their latest collaboration.

The results are all at once astonishing and hilarious.

‘I’ll go on top,’ Wilson says at one point with a laugh.

While they’re not able to conquer every pose (Stephen Fry’s challenge doesn’t go quite as planned), their strength and flexibility is on full display. As are their truly jaw-dropping muscles in their tiny shorts and nothing else.

One fan commented on the video they should try naked yoga next as it’s ‘pretty common right now’. We’ll leave that up to Tom and Nile, but we certainly wouldn’t complain.

Watch the athletes take on extreme yoga:

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