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WATCH: Trailer for God’s Own Country, hailed as the British Brokeback Mountain

WATCH: Trailer for God’s Own Country, hailed as the British Brokeback Mountain

Trailer for gay film God's Own Country

If you like the classic Brokeback Mountain, you’re in for a treat. God’s Own Country is an upcoming gay drama that many are comparing to the 2005 Oscar winner.

The trailer arrived earlier to little fanfare but now it’s making a comeback and getting more attention. Rightly so with its theater premiere around the corner.

The film follows Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor), a young Yorkshire sheep farmer. He works the family’s farm as his father is partly paralyzed and his grandmother is too old to work. When the family hires a Romanian worker (Alec Secareanu), Johnny has to confront his own emotional unavailability, and feelings of love and being loved.

The film is written and directed by Francis Lee.

God’s Own Country initially premiered at Sundance to rave reviews.

Jude Dry of indieWire wrote: ‘There will be many people who see themselves in the furtive glances and mud-covered kisses from which “God’s Own Country” weaves its harsh but hopeful narrative, and they will do so while witnessing a finely crafted piece of cinema.’

Variety’s Guy Lodge praised its timeliness, writing: ‘Skipping some of the more predictable narrative obstacles we’ve come to expect from the coming-out drama, this sexy, thoughtful, hopeful film instead advances a pro-immigration subtext that couldn’t be more timely.’

The trailer itself is sumptuous, tender, and beautiful, striking an immediate chord that is all at once poignant, melancholic, and hopeful.

The film hits theaters in the UK on 1 September.

Watch the trailer for God’s Own Country: