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WATCH: Trans Filipinos send heartwarming message about visibility

WATCH: Trans Filipinos send heartwarming message about visibility

Trans Filipinos send heartwarming message of support

A group of transgender Filipinos gathered to send a beautiful message of support and inclusivity.

To celebrate Transgender Day of Visibility, the group known as Transman Equality and Awareness Movement made the ‘I’m trans and I’m not…’ video.

In it, trans men and women expel misconceptions about what being transgender is.

One says: ‘I’m trans and I’m not a butch lesbian.’

Another says: ‘I am trans but I am not a faggot.’

The video starts in black and white, with the subjects saying all of the things they’re not.

Halfway through, the video gains vibrant color and switches to messages beginning with ‘I’m trans and I am…’

Messages include everyday things like: ‘I’m trans and I love to surf’ or ‘I’m trans and I love long term relationships.’

With tears in her eyes, one trans woman says: ‘And just like you, I have the capacity to love.’

The trans Filipinos believe they’re just like everyone else, and this likeness shouldn’t be feared.

Watch the video below:

LGBTI rights in the Philippines

Equality for LGBTI people in the Philippines has been swift over the last few years.

Some of the steps toward equality include; electing its first transgender politician, allowing LGBTI people to serve in the military, introducing anti-discrimination laws and some universities introducing gender neutral toilets.

But the momentum for marriage equality took a hit just a few weeks ago.

Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte, promised in his election campaigns to advocate for marriage equality, but backtracked.

On marriage equality, he said: ‘That can’t apply to us, because we are Catholics.’