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Watch this trans video blogger send a powerful message domestic abuse

Watch this trans video blogger send a powerful message domestic abuse

Transgender YouTube blogger Julie Vu has created a powerful and emotional video to highlight the suffering caused by domestic violence and anti-trans abuse.

The 23-year-old Canadian, better known as Princess Joules, appears in the video with what appears to be bruises and a split lip.

While crying, she wipes away the make-up bruises, but the caption underneath the video shows: ‘Domestic violence can not be wiped away like in my video’.

The shots are interspersed with disturbing statistics which show one in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime, about two in five domestic violence victims are men, and one in two transgender individuals are sexually abused or assaulted at some point in their lives. 

‘The wiping away of the marks and bruises symbolizes someone who is living in fear and [does] not know how to escape from it,’ the caption continues. ‘As she starts again with a fresh face, she is healed for now, not knowing when her partner will strike again.

‘It shows you that domestic violence can happen to anyone, even the girl under the bruises.’

The video is accompanied by domestic abuse hotlines for a number of countries. 

Princess Joules has over 270,000 subscribers on YouTube. She has used the platform to document her transition and give support to others to might be struggling with their identity or abuse.

She also posts make-up, hair and fashion tutorials alongside workout videos and other lifestyle clips.

Now, the Vancouver resident also works as a model and make-up artist. 

Watch the astonising video below: