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Watch: Trans woman denied driver’s license in Louisiana for not looking male

Watch: Trans woman denied driver’s license in Louisiana for not looking male

Alexandra Glover was told to remove her makeup before could take her ID picture.

A video of a transgender woman being denied a driver’s license for not looking like a man has forced Louisiana to change its policy towards transgender people.

Alexandra Glover, 21, was turned away from the Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) in Baton Rouge when she went in to replace a lost ID card wearing a dress and makeup.

The exchange was filmed by her friend and at the time of writing had more than 30,000 views on Facebook.

Glover, who was upfront about being transgender, was told she had to remove her makeup before she could take an ID picture.

‘You can’t present as a woman if you’re listed as a man,’ an employee says in the video.

‘If you have makeup on or anything like that you’re supposed to take all that off, because you are actually a man.’

Glover points out that if she was pulled over for speeding, she could be arrested because she would not look like the person in her ID picture.

‘This is such discrimination,’ she says.

‘If a goth guy came in with all his black lipstick and makeup, you wouldn’t tell him to take it off.’

Louisiana OMV Commissioner Stephen Campbell initially defended the decision, citing a 1986 state law that bans applicants who ‘misrepresent’ their gender.

But he has since changed his stance and said a new transgender rule would be formulated ‘in the next 24 hours.’

‘It has brought to light that we may not be up-to-date, and we are in the process as we speak – and I mean it, right now – revising our policy,’ he said.

‘And we will contact the individual who feels that he was wronged and will attempt to make it right.’

Watch the video below:

My friend Alex Glover was getting another license at the Baton Rouge DMV and was denied her license for being transgender. Telling her that she’s not allowed to look female in her drivers license and must present as male when she’s clearly a female with or with out make up. So what are we to do? Something must be done.

Posted by Harlee Poitra on Saturday, 5 September 2015