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WATCH: Trump says he’s doing the military a ‘great favor’ with the transgender ban

WATCH: Trump says he’s doing the military a ‘great favor’ with the transgender ban

Trump claims the trans ban is a 'great favor'

In the continuing saga of Donald Trump’s proposed transgender military ban, which he initially tweeted about in July, he claims he’s doing the military a ‘great favor’.

While in Bedminster, New Jersey, the president spoke to reporters about the ban.

A reporter asked whether or not he was betraying a community he pledged to support. He denied any such betrayal.

‘I have great respect for the community,’ he said. ‘I think I’ve had great support, or I’ve had great support from that community, I got a lot of votes.’

He further commented: ‘I think I’m doing a lot of people a favor by coming out and just saying. As you know, it’s been a complicated issue for the military, it’s been a confusing issue for the military.’

A recent report found that banning transgender personnel would cost nearly $1 billion.

Any patriot that wants to serve

Richard Spencer swore in as Navy Secretary last week and takes a different stance on the matter.

He reportedly told Norfolk’s Daily Press: ‘We will process and take direction on a policy that will be developed by the secretary [with] direction from the president — and march out smartly. As I said before, on a fundamental basis, any patriot that wants to serve and meets all the requirements should be able to serve in our military.’

This is a starkly different view than Trump’s. However, it aligns with other military officials who have spoken out on the issue. 56 retired US Generals and Admirals slammed the notion, while the Head of the Coast Guard is supporting their trans personnel.

There is still no official direction for a possible ban.