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WATCH: Uber's new ad comes with a super cute gay twist

Why can't every ride be like this?

WATCH: Uber's new ad comes with a super cute gay twist
Screenshot / Uber
Uber's newest ad is based on a real-life experience

Uber has released a new ad featuring an adorable gay twist.

The ride-sharing app’s spot debuted in the Philippines earlier this week and has already been viewed more than 2.5 million times.

It is based on the real-life experience of Uber user AJ Tabangay.

AJ met his long-term crush on an UberPOOL ride and, being a keen social media user, shared his unlikely meeting with the world.

He’s so flustered by his sweetheart’s presence, he asks the driver to turn up the air conditioning – but it doesn’t help much.

AJ even asks his followers to help him come up with a clever plot to get his crush’s attention, or start a conversation.

Only at the end is it revealed the person AJ has been head over heels for for so long is actually a guy.

‘Because sometimes, it’s more than just a ride,’ the spot’s slogan says.

‘It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for.’

It’s not the first time the company has shown its support for the LGBTI community.

In the wake of last year’s terrorist attack on Orlando night club Pulse, which killed 49, Uber offered free rides to and from LGBTI venues across 40 US cities.

Recently Uber has faced criticism over the treatment of his drivers and for using its surge pricing during the Women’s March on Washington, when the Metro was severely overcrowded.

It also came under fire from one of its female employees, engineer Susan Fowler, who alleged CEO Travis Kalanick set ‘abusive attitudes’.

She gave a detailed account of sexual harassment at the company in a post on her personal website.

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