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Watch what will happen if a gay Olympian wins at Sochi

Watch what will happen if a gay Olympian wins at Sochi

What if living your dream meant living a lie?

That is the question All Out, an campaigning group for LGBT issues, is tackling in a new short film ‘Love Always Wins’.

In the video, an ice skater is pronounced champion in the couple’s rounds.

Looking at the crowds, she sees the one person she wishes she could share the moment with.

In a moment of madness, she skates up to her loved one and kisses her in pure joy.

But, she can’t. Otherwise she could be arrested, fined and even deported under Russia’s gay propaganda laws.

Andre Banks, commented on the release of the new video, saying: ‘Russia’s law makes it unclear whether public displays of affection, coming out on television by mentioning an athlete’s loved one, or even hugging your partner after winning the gold medal could result in fines or deportation.

‘Putin would like us to think gays and lesbians are welcome during the Olympics, but no one will feel safe and welcome while this law is in place.’

You can sign All Out’s petition here.

Check out the video below: