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Watch where you’re going with that Mutewatch

Sleek and simple to use, you’d better watch out if you have something other than a Mutewatch

Watch where you’re going with that Mutewatch

Mutewatch doesn’t just look cool, it also works just like our favorite Apple products.

The Swedish watch been winning awards and celebrity endorsements – fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld has bought three, priced at £199 ($320 €247) each.

Not only is it sleek, it’s simple to use too. Swipe your finger across the screen and the Mutewatch functions will appear, tap, pinch or flick your wrist in a 90 degree motion and the digital face become interactive.

It has a built-in USB connector which allows you to fully charge the battery for three to four days.

Setting an alarm on your watch can be embarrassing if it ends up beeping loudly at the wrong moment but Mutewatch has a vibrating mode so you can be discreet when you know it’s time to leave the party.

See it in action here:

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