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Watch: Young gay men speak about their concerns, hopes and ambitions

Watch: Young gay men speak about their concerns, hopes and ambitions

20MALEGAY is a new YouTube video project that explores what life is like today for 20-year-old gay men living in London.

The series has been created by director Blake Pruitt, who hails originally from Baltimore but moved to New York to study at NYU.

He is currently in London for three months, and 20MALEGAY took its inspiration from a documentary short he shot in NYC in 2012: 20MALEGAYNYC.

20MALEGAY has been created in conjunction with producer Robert Gershinson, co-founder of Queer As Film. The duo say that the aim of the project is simply to create, ‘an online archive, easily accessible to all of society: A time capsule for now.

‘The project will enlighten viewers about LGBTQI life and has the power to change the opinions of those who oppose all equality. They will learn that regardless of sexuality, race or background, we all have hopes, fears, dreams, insecurities and feel pride in ourselves.’

In the first three episodes, which has now gone online, participants – who are in their 20s, male and gay – talk about a range of topics, including body images issues, safer sex, barebacking, depictions of gay men in the media, promiscuity, relationships, dating apps, gay tribes, hopes and ambitions, among many other things.

Watch the three films in the series below, and check out the Facebook page for information on the filmmakers and future projects. They hope the make more movies focusing on people affected by HIV, lesbians and LGBTI communities in other countries.