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WATCH: Youtuber Petesjams comes out as bisexual

WATCH: Youtuber Petesjams comes out as bisexual

Youtuber Petesjams has come out as bisexual in moving and frank new video.

While he never previously felt the need to come out, he now feels being open and honest about who he is important to LGBTI visibility.

Describing himself in the ‘easiest way’ as bisexual, Pete actually feels pansexual is a more accurate description.

After doing multiple things for Pride this year, he wanted to confirm that he wasn’t ‘just some straight dude’ and wants to add to the ‘vast array of voices’ that have already said ‘it’s okay’.

Figuring out his sexuality ‘somewhere between the age of 12 and 14’ Pete says it was the ‘liberal kind of nature that came with the ’emo’ ideology’ that allowed him to experiment when the time was right for him.

Pete previously dated West End actress and singer Carrie Hope Fletcher.

His channel has 95,000 subscribers and over six million views.

Watch Pete’s coming out video below.