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Wax the way to do it with VitaMan

VitaMan massage pack – with hot wax for the daring

Wax the way to do it with VitaMan

If you like to burn the candle at both ends then VitaMan massage pack may be the perfect gift for you.

The DIY massage pack contains a surprising new twist alongside the scented massage oil and facial cream – a natural soy candle to use on your body.

When the candle is lit in its ceramic pot, you can pour the warm melted oil onto your body. It’s designed with aromatherapy oils, moisturizing cocoa and shea butters so shouldn’t burn your skin – at least that’s the theory and it worked for us but obviously don’t come running to GSN if you get the smell of barbecue rather than the aroma of vanilla and orange.

If the soy candle is a step to adventurous for you then the massage oil and facial cream are the perfect way to relax after a hard day’s work. That’s if you can find the perfect partner with magic hands to take the stress away.

VitaMan’s massage pack is available for £51 (€62, $81) on their website.

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