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This same-sex Harry Potter wedding proposal will melt your heart

This same-sex Harry Potter wedding proposal will melt your heart

A Portland woman proposed to her book lover girlfriend in the most magical way.

Heather Pearson threw a Harry Potter-themed engagement party to ask her girlfriend of three years, Kelsey, to be her wife.

Not only gathered Pearson all of their friends – all dressed up in fancy costumes for Halloween – but she planned the proposal very thoroughly.

A proposal for bookworms

Photo: YouTube

Heather posted a video on YouTube to record the buildup to the proposal.

She explained her girlfriend Kelsey is a bookworm and they are both massive Harry Potter fans.

Therefore, Heather ordered a special book for Kelsey to ask her to marry her. She stumbled across a woman in Wales creating beautiful artworks out of books. The artist, in fact, is able to write short messages by folding the pages.

In order to spell ‘Marry Me?’ Heather required a big, fat book. None seemed better than Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire, which also happens to be the couple’s favorite of the saga.

The most exciting part? Heather has had the book ever since February, waiting for the right time to give it to Kelsey.

From Muggle to Mrs.

Photo: Marlee Schuld via @heatherpearson_/Twitter

The one moment was this year’s Halloween weekend. Heather, dressed up as Draco Malfoy with blonde hair and a Slytherin cape, was waiting for Kelsey on a rooftop, protecting the precious book from the pouring rain.

Like in a treasure hunt, Heather first sent Kelsey, dressed up as Draco’s future wife Astoria, to find the first three Harry Potter books at Little Free Libraries around Portland.

Once Kelsey had collected the first three novels, she was ready for her wife-to-be to pop the question.

All of their friends and a photographer were there to witness the incredibly sweet moment when Heather proposed.

She also hung a banner across the room, reading ‘From Muggle to Mrs.’ together with other Harry Potter Easter eggs for Kelsey to find.

Of course, Kelsey said yes. And J.K. Rowling herself reposted the proposal tweet on her Twitter.

Watch the full video below:

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