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15+ West End shows send love to kid bullied and ‘beaten’ for liking musicals

15+ West End shows send love to kid bullied and ‘beaten’ for liking musicals

Several West End casts shared messages of support to a young kid who was being bullied for his love of musical theatre.

It all started when actress Jacqueline Hughes took to Twitter on Tuesday (16 July) to ask her theatre friends for some help.

‘Industry friends — I need a wee favor,’ she tweeted. ‘Sadly, a little boy I teach, Charlie, who is also a dear family friend is sadly being bullied at school for his love of [musical theatre], being called gay, fat, stupid… the list goes on. Today he was beaten up by six boys and left curled up, crying.’

She then added: ‘I know many people face bullies everyday and many have in their lifetime. But I wondered if you wouldn’t mind, if you have time sending me a little video to cheer him up, maybe some advice, your own stories, how you didn’t let them stop you, what you are doing now.’

Jacqueline Hughes tweets
Jacqueline Hughes tweets. | Photo: Twitter

West End actors, directors, producers and casts then began sending in videos of love and support to Charlie.

Among them was English comedian Rufus Hound.

‘Hey dude,’ he said in a video. ‘Rough stuff. When you’re surrounded by unhappy people, they want to make you unhappy. But I’m guessing enough people have already told you that that you know.

‘So, what to say? Well, screw ’em. They will live perfectly unhappy lives while you will be sparkly and sing and dance and do whatever you want to do. So don’t let the bastards grind you down,’ he said.

Here are all of the West End casts of shows that sent messages of love and support to Charlie:



Be More Chill

Come From Away

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie


Kinky Boots

Mamma Mia!




The Book of Mormon

The Lion King

The Play That Goes Wrong


Charlie’s response to the outpouring of love

Hughes took to Twitter on Wednesday (17 July) to share her reaction to the hundreds of messages of support.

‘Oh my goodness, the response to my message has been incredible,’ she tweeted. ‘I’m not sure I can reply to you all today but I will! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Our theatre community strikes again, united as one, THANK YOU!’

Hughes also posted a video of herself and Charlie thanking everyone for their outpouring of love. They then sang a duet of Elton John’s hit-song I’m Still Standing.

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