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Westboro Baptist Church members outnumbered by the hundreds in Colorado

Westboro Baptist Church members outnumbered by the hundreds in Colorado

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church have once again been met by overwhelming community opposition after they staged a protest outside the Pueblo County Courthouse in Colorado yesterday – prompting 400 people to counter protest them.

Church members were in Pueblo to protest the legalization of same-sex marriage in Colorado and Pueblo County Courthouse was one of the first to start issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples after its ban on gay couples marrying was struck down in October of this year.

‘This very courthouse giving out marriage licenses to same-sex couples – it’s an abomination to God,’ Westboro Baptist Church member Betty Phelps, a daughter-in-law of deceased church founder Fred Phelps, told KRDO NewsChannel 13.

The Westboro Baptist Church’s twitter account later posted a photo of their picket line, tweeting, ‘God won’t let fag marriage go, Pueblo County! #1Man1Woman1Life #PicketingYou.’

Cheers reportedly erupted from the courthouse when the seven church members abandoned their picket line after standing outside in the snow for less than an hour.

Some counter protesters began to follow the church members as they left but local law enforcement blocked the road to keep the two groups separate.

Some had traveled across several counties to take part in the counter-protest, with Castle Rock resident Claudia Piras telling KRDO the effort was totally worth it.

‘This drive is worth it to send a message that love is love and no one should be discriminated for who they love,’ she said.