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What happens if you turn on Grindr at a Republican conference?

What happens if you turn on Grindr at a Republican conference?

Are there gay men at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference? Two men did an experiment to find out.

Reason TV sent along Paul Detrick to set up a profile on the hookup app to find out the future of gay politics and LGBTIs in the conservative movement.

It yielded surprising results, considering the event brings together many of the country’s most avid right wing and homophobic politicians and supporters.

Using the Grindr name ‘Gay at CPAC?’, Detrick found a number Grindr users who allowed themselves to be interviewed, with the majority deciding to remain anonymous and off camera as they were not publicly out as gay. The general consensus was that if the Republicans want to get into office and get votes then they are going to have to appeal to a younger electorate with more liberal social policies.

‘For conservatives if they are going to be able to win an election, they are going to need to get younger voters,’ one interviewee said.

‘They need to be more socially liberal. Essentially, they need to shift libertarian.’ said another.

Although 37 states now legally recognise gay marriage in the USA, it was not a widely spoken about issue at CPAC, and was focused more towards economic policy. One of the gay men present suggested there are more important issues to discuss than the problem of gay men (lack thereof) in conservative politics.

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