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What is it like to come out to immigrant parents?

What is it like to come out to immigrant parents?

Coming out to your parents can be one of the hardest things you do, and for these children of immigrants, there is the added pressure of cultural differences.

The video, released by Buzzfeed, introduces us to five people sharing their stories of when they came out to their parents.

Joel, whose parents are both from Mexico, initially faced a negative reaction from his mother.

‘My mom started to cry and she said, “Well I know a lot of depressed people who became gay and I think you’re gay because you haven’t been to church in the last four years".’

He continued saying: ‘I said I’m not going to change who I am and she’s like, "You’re a bad person".

‘The person that should be giving you unconditional love is telling you you’re a bad person. My mom said that, and I just broke.’

After telling his parents that he would leave so they would not have to have a gay son, his father came to his defense.

‘My dad’s like, “You will not leave this household” and he blocked the door and they all came and hugged me and they were like, "We love you, please stay”.’

The video also introduces mother and daughter Vivien and Sara, sharing their story.

Sara spoke about telling her mother and the fears she had.  ‘As the kid of immigrants, it can be scary thinking this part of me is different and what if it changes the way they see me.’

However, her fears were brushed aside,when her mother completely accepted her.

‘The sentiment she expressed was “I’m sorry that this is going to make your life harder for you because of other people".

‘It was never, I’m disappointed in you- it was always I want you to have everything you deserve and this might be a block.’

The end of the video comes with advice for those struggling to come out to their parents with advice such as reminding yourself that you are worthy of love and perfect the way you are.

Watch the full video below.