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What lesbian women really do

What lesbian women really do

Yesterday we showed you ‘what gay men really do’ now we can reveal the lesbian follow-up of the infamous hype that is taking Facebook by storm.

Are the activities of a lesbian woman such an enigma? Whatever it means to be a gay woman, it seems there are a lot of perceptions out there.

Apparently friends often think that all lesbians belong to a commune, a free-spirited utopia where women play the jamboree and dance around in floral dresses.

Our parents like to cherish the hope that one day we will find our very own Portia di Rossi to tie the knot with, just like Ellen Degeneres did in her lavish 2008 wedding.

According to straight women, lesbians are hardcore athletes, female jocks if you will, who flawlessly know their way around a baseball or a soccer game. Save your breath, straight men: no need to explain to a lesbian what offside is.

And how could we forget: the straight guy fantasy. Sexy pillow fights in satin underwear, butterfly kisses… There’s not a single straight guy out there who would pass up the opportunity to spend a night in a lesbian couple’s bedroom.

Lesbian women themselves sometimes like to think they've ‘got it going on’. No need to tell this female chick magnet how to score with the ladies.

But in the end, often none of these stereotypes apply to lesbians. Just like gay men, they don’t lead a life ‘that’ extraordinary. Sometimes there’s nothing better than to cuddle up with a loved one in bed, indulging in a good book before another day’s hard work dawns upon them. Extraordinary indeed.

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