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What’s hot and what’s not? LGBTI wedding trends you need to know

What’s hot and what’s not? LGBTI wedding trends you need to know

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Marriage equality and same-sex civil unions are becoming legal in more countries around the world giving rise to a booming wedding industry.

LGBTI couples are tying the knot in more numbers than ever before. As these marriages become more common, so too does the emergence of queer wedding style.

Brittny Drye is the editor-in-chief of the ‘equality minded’ Love Inc. wedding publication. Its November 2018 issue, became the first to feature non-binary wedding style on its cover.

Drye has shared her tips with Gay Star News on what are the hot LGBTI nuptial trends for 2019. Drye gives us her expert tips on how to make your wedding day truly special.

Coming full circle

‘When we first started seeing more same-sex couples getting married… a lot of couples were wearing matching suits albeit very basic ones like black, navy and gray, because they thought that’s what they were supposed to do,’  Drye said.

After a while couples started embracing their individuality and wore a suit of their own style. But in 2019, LGBTI wedding fashion is going back to tradition.

two men in tusedos standing side by side and facing each other smiling
Same-sex weddings are becoming more traditional | Photo: ADD Christa Kendall Photography

‘Well, now the pendulum is swinging back, but not without bringing that sense of style with it,’ Drye said.

‘Couples are opting for matching attire once again, but done in a really fashion-forward way: think luxe white tuxedos or chic bright blue tailored suits.

‘It looks incredible in photographs and makes such a statement.’

The second outfit

For a long time, the second dress has been popular amongst femme brides. A femme bride will often wear one dress for the ceremony and change into another dress for the reception. But that’s changing next year.

‘But we’re now seeing grooms and dapper brides join in on the fun, changing into less formal attire such as suits with shorts, or chic trousers with suspenders and a blouse for the reception portion of the wedding,’ Drye explained.

two men on a dancefloor looking at a white shirt and short pink and blue shorts
The second outfit for the reception | Photo: Krista Photography

The end of the rainbow

Drye said that as marriage equality becomes more accepted and LGBTI weddings more mainstream, she’s seeing less couples use rainbow Pride symbols on their big day.

‘With each same-sex wedding, there is a feeling of victory and pride, particularly for older couples who have lived through the early LGBTQ rights movement and have been together for decades — and of course the rainbow is deeply tied to LGBTQ rights, so it’s no wonder why it plays a symbolic role in wedding decor and inspiration,’ she said.

‘But as the younger generation starts dating with the ability to marry already written into their future, marriage is becoming just the normal milestone, and there’s less of an inclination to recognize that recent history.’

How to make your special day unforgettable

When planning a wedding it can be easy to be swept up in making sure your guests are happy and everyone is having a good time.

But Drye explains why your wedding should be all about the loved-up couple.

‘Make sure your wedding is about you! Tell your love story in the details, whether it’s serving a signature cocktail that you drank too much of on your first date, or reciting a meaningful poem during your ceremony,’ she said.

‘The best weddings are the ones that are truly reflective of the couple.’

a ringbearer with two onion rings on a pillow
Mark proposed to his ‘foodie’ boyfriend James with an onion ring, which they then used at their wedding | David and Tanya Photography

Couples can get caught up in trying to be on trend for their wedding. They often try to emulate what they see at other weddings without injecting their own personalities into theirs. But Drye encouraged couples to put their unique twist on their big day.

‘I say that as a wedding magazine editor! But it’s important to take that inspiration and ideas and give them your own twist,’ she said.

‘I think the best compliment a couple can receive for their wedding is, “That was so them”.’

a cocktail menu in a white frame
Make your wedding day as unique as you, by having signature cocktails | David and Tanya Photography

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