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What’s it like to be in a gay men’s dance company?

What’s it like to be in a gay men’s dance company?

What's it like to be in a gay men's dance company?

Sponsored: If you’re in a city and you don’t know any other gay people, you might be tempted to go on a dating app.

But that’s not really how you can become friends with them.

So dozens of guys have joined the Gay Men’s Dance Company, based in London and Brighton.

By going to a weekly session, they can shake their stuff and make friends with other gay guys socially.

Aaron and Elias is a same-sex couple who met through the dance company.

‘When I turned up to my first class, I was absolutely terrified,’ Aaron said.

‘And then we started the routines and it was just a lot of fun and I came back.’

‘The social side of it is what kept me coming back all the time,’ Elias added.

‘It was just a great way to work out, have a hobby, meet new people and have a drink after class as well.’

Alex Scurr runs the GMDC.

‘This is hands down the best job that I’ve had,’ he said.

‘I get more from this than any other job…What you guys give back to me is just the best feeling in the world.’

Gay Men’s Dance Company also has drama, choir and pole-dancing classes.

For more information about Gay Men’s Dance Company’s classes, head to their website.