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The trans flag emoji exists thanks to a hidden WhatsApp trick – here’s how

The trans flag emoji exists thanks to a hidden WhatsApp trick – here’s how

While not on the keyboard (yet) one Android user found a cool hack to get the trans pride flag

When the latest emoji update was announced last month, some revelled in now being able to text a sloth or a safety vest to their pals.

But many were left wondering: Just where is the trans flag emoji at?

Yet in a plot twist nobody saw coming, the trans flag emoji is here… but there is a catch.

Emojipedia’s chief Emoji officer, Jeremy Burge clocked the hack which blends two emojis – the blank flag emoji and ⚧ – together

The result? The trans flag, in all its pastel pride glory.

But it’s only available to Android users, and only works on WhatsApp.

Following this, a proposal was formally submitted to Unicode, the organization that approves emojis, demanding an official version of the flag.

What’s the trick?

It involved a sneaky thing called a Zero Width Joiner, a code that joins two characters together.

If you have an Android phone and the most up-to-date version of WhatsApp.

Copy and paste the white flag emoji with the ‘Male with Stroke and Male and Female Sign’ Unicode character, available here.

When pasted together in the messaging app, they create the blue, pink and purple Trans Pride flag.

The sequence doesn’t work on Apple devices, but it definitely beats lobsters.

Wait, what? You say.

Stand-in emojis

In the absence of the flag, trans folk turned to stand-in emojis, such as the lobster.

While Unicode made a lobster emoji, trans people are still left out, the Claws Out campaign pointed out.

They argued: ‘Surely we deserve the same rights you have afforded crustaceans?’

It even saw the American Dialect Society nominate the lobster emoji as the Emoji of the Year on account for its ‘adoption by the trans community’ last year.

Not all emojis are positive

The trans flag’s début comes weeks after another, less positive emoji hack was discovered.

An anti-LGBTI emoji, which combines the strikethrough symbol any a rainbow flag, went viral last month.

But non-binary and interracial couples were added to the line-up this year, holding-hands and looking proud.

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