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Which Girls character just came out as gay?

Which Girls character just came out as gay?

The father of lead character Hannah Horvath came out as gay in Sunday (8 March) night’s episode of Girls.

Tad Horvath, played by Peter Scolari, makes the unexpected revelation to his wife as they leave a ‘successful’ marriage therapy session.

After Loreen goes on about all how much progress they’ve made, he says: ‘I’ve been thinking lately that I’m… that I’m gay.’

‘And not lately, actually. For a while.’

At first, Loreen doesn’t believe him and accuses him of trying to steal her spotlight because she got tenure before him (‘It all comes back to misogyny!’). Or is that he doesn’t want to have sex with her anymore?

He insists it’s not about her.

‘It’s not not about me, Tad. It’s not not,’ she retorts.

Loreen spends the rest of the episode struggling to understand how her husband can be gay, which bubbles over when he’s toasting her at a dinner their friends threw to celebrate her tenure.

In the final scene, she outs him to Hannah after promising not to say anything.

Loreen asks Tad how he knows he is gay.

‘Because this is the hardest thing I’ve had to do in my life and I’m doing it,’ he says.

‘And I watch a lot of gay porno.’

‘So you want to suck a dick now?’ she asks.

They are interrupted by a call from Hannah, who asks if she’s a dramatic person then starts listing reasons why she isn’t.

Loreen cuts in, ‘Hannah, your father is gay!’

Her response: ‘Uhhh…’

Tad’s revelation gives new meaning to this line from season one: