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Which iconic gay singer has Troye Sivan teamed up with on his surprise single?

Which iconic gay singer has Troye Sivan teamed up with on his surprise single?

Troye Sivan in Boy Erased

Troye Sivan has just dropped a surprise song from his upcoming feature film, Boy Erased.

Sivan dropped the song on Twitter in which he teams up with iconic queer singer Jónsi. The Icelandic singer fronts the critically and beloved band, Sigur Rós.

The two singers teamed up on the track called Revelation ahead of Boy Erased’s release in November this year.

‘Surprise came early!! Revelation by Jonsi and myself from the film is out everywhere now and i’m beaming with pride! Also today the song got nominated for Best Original Song at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards?? Thank you!!!’ Sivan wrote on Twitter.

Sivan will make his feature film debut in Boy Erased which also stars Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe. It tells thestory of a young man (Garrard) in a small US town who is outed to his parents. They then force him to undergo gay conversion therapy.

Most medical associations condemn the practice of conversion therapy. It is something that is quickly becoming phased out in the United States. More and more states are enacting legislation banning it for minors.

Revelation is a slow, haunting song which appears in the film when Garrard has his first experience with another boy. The song reflects how right the experience felt for Garrard.

‘God doesn’t strike him down and the world doesn’t fall apart. And maybe he even kind of enjoys it, and maybe it feels right for the first time,’ Sivan said in a recent Q&A about the film.

‘The idea of that person being a revelation in your life, where you can kind of do something that feels so natural and so right and be fine on the other side, that was a really potent thing in my head.’

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