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White House announces second LGBT summit

White House announces second LGBT summit

The White House announced its second LGBT conference.

The 9 March event will be held in Detroit and focus on housing and homelessness. Shaun Donovan, the Secretary for Housing & Urban Development, will be a featured speaker.

The Obama team had its first get together with the gay and lesbian community this week. Held in Philadelphia, the conference focused on health care issues.

These community meetings are an attempt by the Obama Administration to tout its record to an important constituency. Both conferences are being held in states, Pennsylvania and Michigan, that are important to Obama's reelection. According to a recent Public Policy Poll, the president leads all possible Republican challengers in Michigan.

'Obama leads Mitt Romney by 16 points (54-38), leads Newt Gingrich by 22 points (56-34), leads Rick Santorum by 11 points (50-39) and leads Ron Paul by 18 points (52-34),' the polling agency reported last week.