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Why Heathrow’s whisky festival is a must for thirsty LGBTI travelers

Why Heathrow’s whisky festival is a must for thirsty LGBTI travelers

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You probably don’t expect to find a drink festival in an airport, but it’s always best to expect the unexpected at Heathrow. That’s why this year the London airport are inviting people traveling through to experience their whisky festival.

Heathrow has sourced unique bottles from the gorgeous Scottish Highlands to the green lands of Ireland this month. Avid whisky fans can enjoy a tipple in the many bars and restaurants, and take home a bottle from World Duty Free and World of Whiskies, from 3 to 30 April 2019.

It’s set to be a veritable wonderland of one of the world’s most prestigious drinks. Legendary distillery, The Glenrothes, have created an exclusive single cask bottling for the festival. Found at World of Whiskies or available to reserve and collect with Heathrow Boutique, there will only be 283 bottles available.

The single cask has been aged in a bourbon-seasoned cask and bottled at 55.4% ABV.

But they aren’t the only distillery getting in on the whisky action. Aultmore distillery will be hosting an exclusive launch event in Terminal 3 (9.30am to 11.30am) and Terminal 5 (2pm to 4pm) on 18 April.

They’ll be launching an exclusive range of whiskies, matured for 11 years in sherry and bourbon casks, then another 11 years in different wine casks.Global Ambassador Georgie Bell will host special tastings and bottle signings.

You can browse the full range of whiskies and reserve them to collect in-store at the airport on the Heathrow Boutique website.

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Look out for the people in tartan who an help you on your whisky way | Photo: Heathrow

Not just the drams

For a few people, drinking straight whisky is just not for them. So, the bars across the airport are offering a wide range of amazing cocktails, creating interesting concoctions while exploring its deep flavors.

La Salle (Terminal 2) will be offering a Lazy Old Fashioned, creating the classic cocktail with bitters, fresh orange and Monkey Shoulder malt whisky.

Of course, you don’t have to just drink whisky to truly enjoy it – not when talented chefs get their hands on the drink. Those who love their food can try delicious food made with whiskies at various restaurants across the airport.

The Perfectionists’ Cafe and The Gorgeous Kitchen in Terminal 2 are offering some tasty options, with the former serving a Cranachan Sundae – think chocolate, vanilla and salted caramel ice cream – topped with a gorgeous whisky cream, made with Glenlivet White Oak. The latter is offering up Bowmore glazed pork belly, using Bowmore’s 10-year-old single malt whisky.

Or The Commission in Terminal 4 is pairing 10oz Ribeye steak with a whisky sauce, created using Chivas XV, then you can wash it down with an Old Fashioned.

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Bottles range from luxury to affordable in price | Photo: Heathrow

How to drink expert like a pro

Traveling to one of 180 destinations out of Heathrow means you are probably a person up for new experiences. But if you’ve never tried your hand at whisky drinking, World of Whiskies’ chief adviser has a few words of advice for you.

Charles MacLean is the author of 17 books about Scotch, was elected Master of the Quaich (the highest honor in the whisky industry) and is listed in the Whisky Hall of Fame. He has some techniques for enjoying a dram of the good stuff.

The expert says to eye the drink first. The color will range from pale gold to umber. A quick twirl will awaken aromas and let you analyze its texture: if the droplets trailing down the glass (legs) and thick and slow, there’s a big texture; if they are fast and thin, you’ve got a lighter whisky.

Next you need to take a big sniff and try to pinpoint the aromas coming from the drink. Everyone’s nose and tongue are different – so there’s really no wrong answers.

Add a drop of water to expand the flavors and have a taste. Keep it in your mouth, swishing it to the different sections of your tongue.

After all that, you sit back and enjoy it.

You’ve officially tasted the drink like a connoisseur!

This article was sponsored by Heathrow. 

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