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Why I oppose the gospel according to George

Why I oppose the gospel according to George

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, had an article published in the Daily Mail in which he essentially said Christians are being marginalized and persecuted because they weren’t able to marginalized and persecute the LGBT community.

I find it offensive anybody would suggest British people are being persecuted for being practicing Christians, when there are many people in other parts of the world who are genuinely being brutally persecuted for simply being themselves, regardless of what they happen to believe. Of course, these include many lesbian, gay and transgender people.

The former head of the Anglican Church’s ludicrous argument is that Christians are being persecuted by not being allowed to be bigoted towards gays and lesbians.

I can merely mock bigotry when it derives from the belief that some crusty old book is the word of some mystical sky daddy and that their messiah is a zombie. Okay let me declare my bias of being somewhat of a militant atheist. As far as I’m concerned you choose to be a Christian. And you don’t get to choose to be gay or lesbian or bisexual or transgender.

Militant atheist I am – but foremost I’m a secularist. So I entirely defend the right of people to be free to worship who or what they want for whatever reason they want. But I have to oppose people who use the word of god or religious dogma as an excuse to deprive others from having equality.

In the past passages from the Bible have been used for committing all manner of crimes against humanity including slavery and genocide. Now the majority of Christians don’t support such things. So why should passages of the Bible be an acceptable excuse for homophobia and treating the LGBT community as second-class citizens? Maybe Christians should check out that peace and love stuff that Jesus preached and not get so hung up on the book of Leviticus.

Luckily not all Christians, or Christian groups, hold to the same interpretation of the Bible as George Carey. There are Christians as well as other religious groups wanting to marry same-sex couples.

But apparently Carey isn’t just opposed to same-sex marriage in regards to his church – the Church of England. He’s opposed to same-sex marriage regardless of which religious groups that want to marry same-sex couples.

Its one thing to lay down the law on what your own religion wants to do, it’s a different matter to oppose other’s choices. In fact to be blunt about it is bigoted!

Those who want the UK government to prohibit all religious groups from marrying same-sex couples are purely and simply homophobic bigots and it is time to stop mincing words and say so. It’s important for them to realize it is no longer acceptable to continue to treat LGBT community as second-class citizens.

It’s not as if the LGBT community wants to force any religious group to marry same-sex couples. But the likes of George Carey think it is okay to have government restrict the religious freedom even of those religious groups who wish to wed gay and lesbian couples.

I find the gospel according to George repugnantly bigoted and it’s no surprise to me that it was Britain’s Daily Mail, which has a terrible record of LGBT hatred, who published it. Carey is not coming to the rescue of persecuted Christians, merely trying to protect the right to discriminate.