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Why the paradise island of Mykonos rocks the global gay travel scene

Why the paradise island of Mykonos rocks the global gay travel scene

A model at Greco Philia Suites and Villas, the top luxury hotel at Elia Beach in Mykonos

When trying to define the ultimate gay summer holiday, one place often springs to mind: the world-known destination of Mykonos!

Even though civil partnerships for same-sex couples has only recently become legal in Greece, this small Mediterranean country and friendly, vibrant and fabulous Cycladic gem is proud to be one of the global landmarks of gay travel.

But why is Mykonos so popular with gay travelers? Over the past decades, Mykonos has developed a distinctive gay-friendly attitude, that cannot be compared with any other destination.


The island manages to preserve many of its traditional elements, however the culture of local people has grown to become naturally friendly to any kind of diversity — and of course, to gay and lesbian travelers from all over the world, who choose Mykonos for their summer holidays.

In Mykonos, you will not come across ‘ghettos’ or ‘clichés’; you will not meet gay people only in the local gay bars and clubs; and, above all, you will not feel unsafe at any time or place. In Mykonos, gay travelers enjoy every single spot of the island, feeling free to flirt, meet and mess around with the other hot men visiting the island.


The gay bars of Mykonos

The gay bars of Mykonos are widely-known as the hottest places to have fun and meet people from all over the world. Nightlife is concentrated in the center of Mykonos Town (the so-called ‘Chora’), where you can find numerous stylish bars, clubs, pubs and bistros with live music. The most popular gay bars of the island are also found here, with the most famous being the fabulous Jackie O’.

What makes the bars so different than other destinations, is the fact that they manage to preserve their unique Cycladic character, giving to your nights a strong local identity and experience. And so does Jackie O’, located just a breath from the sea, reminding you of the fact that you are spending your holidays in the most popular island of Greece.

Right next to Jackie O’, Babylon bar offers another choice for a drink. Stroll around the narrow pedestrian streets of the Chora, to find one of the oldest gay bars of Mykonos, Porta, as well as the sophisticated Lola Bar. It might sound funny, however these are, in fact, most of your choices for gay nightlife in Mykonos. And if you simply can’t understand why this small island with such limited choices is considered one of the gay paradises, then all you have to do is visit it!

Top tips

1 Begin your evenings with an early, post-dinner drink at one of the numerous bars of Mykonos Chora — and try not to stick to the gay ones.

2 The best time to come to Jackie O’ is around 12 at midnight, when it gets really crowded.

3 Very close to Jackie O’ and Babylon, the area around the Church of Panagia Paraportiani, (and especially on the rocks), is known to be a cruising area. Be as careful as possible and always play safe!

4 Stay at the amazing Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel in Ornos, combining close distance of Mykonos Town with the unique Myconian setting!


The unique gay beaches of Mykonos

Your dream gay summer holidays could not be perfect without spending your days lying on a sandy beach, sunbathing and swimming in crystal clear sea waters. And of course, a beach is always better with handsome gay men lying around you, enjoying the hot Greek sun in their swimsuits — or out of them.

There is an interesting fact about most beaches in Mykonos: often, the right side of the beach is more ‘gay’, allowing you to discover as many beaches as possible, even the least popular ones, and still find yourself surrounded by hot men.

However, if what you are after is the most popular gay beaches of the island, then your choices are two: Elia Beach and Jackie O’ Beach at Super Paradise.

Elia Beach is the most popular gay beach of Mykonos. Preserving the tradition, the right half of the beach gathers mostly gay men, while the beach ends on a rocky hill; a gay cruising spot all around the day. You will meet sexy men lying on Elia any time of the day, while there is also a nice beach bar, though it is located on the other side of the beach.

Jackie O’ Beach is definitely one of the best gay beach bars in the world, having as its strongest competitive advantage the crystal clear waters of Super Paradise beach. Jackie O’ offers everything you might need, from refreshing cocktails to light snacks and lunch menu, while the view from the pool is simply amazing!

Top tips

1 If you want to be right in front of the water, make a reservation for a sunbed, especially during the busiest months of July and August. The beaches can become really crowded and many times it’s hard to find a nice spot to sit.

2 If you are going to Elia Beach, try the sea way: take a water taxi from Ornos or Platys Gyalos. The water taxis are traditional fishing boats that will take you anywhere you want — definitely a perfect Myconian experience!

3 Plan your whole day at Jackie O’ Beach, since this amazing beach bar offers a must-hear live experience (including some exciting and fun drag shows) that lasts all day.

4 Stay at Greco Philia, one of the most luxurious accommodations on Elia Beach.


Mykonos for gay honeymooners!

When thinking about the perfect destination for a honeymoon, one might think of a more romantic, quiet and peaceful place. Such people might think a popular destination for gay travelers like Mykonos out of the question.

But that would be wrong: Mykonos, as one of the most ‘gay’ islands in the world, is also widely popular to gay honeymooners, characterized as it is by a completely relaxed and friendly mentality within impressive natural scenery with intense luxury and exclusive touches.

What would be better than walking with your new husband in the picturesque alleys of Mykonos Town, holding hands, having drinks in small and undiscovered bars or lying on an amazing beach expressing your love without getting any curious ‘looks’?

For your accommodation, the fabulous gay-friendly hotels in Mykonos will surely host your love in a stunning suite, overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

Top tips

1 Choose a really nice hotel! Mykonos is the home of some of the best hotels in the world, so spend a little bit more for your love!

2 Take a private cruise with your boyfriend — an experience you will never forget.

3 Find a gourmet restaurant and enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved one. After all, Mykonos is the gourmet Queen of the Cyclades!

4 Stay at Kouros Hotel & Suites, one of the best hotels for honeymooners in Mykonos.


Families with same-sex parents in Mykonos

The lesser known, more calm and quiet side of Mykonos makes the island an ideal place for gay families. In combination with the general gay-friendly attitude of the island, Mykonos is definitely a great choice for gay families who want to enjoy their summer holidays with their children. Mykonos is equipped with family facilities, guaranteeing that your kids will also have the time of their life.

1 Choose a family hotel for your stay in Mykonos. And don’t worry; family hotels in Mykonos are as stylish as the rest on the island!

2 Organize a horse riding tour. Your kids will adore it.

3 Enjoy your meals in traditional taverns and restaurants. The healthy Greek food is something that your children must definitely eat during your holidays in Mykonos.

4 A great choice for gay families is the unique and well known to gay travelers in the island, the Mykonos Theoxenia Hotel, located just in the center of Mykonos Town.


XLSIOR Festival

The widely popular XLSIOR festival, takes place every August in Mykonos, attracting thousands of gay travelers from across the globe. August is the busiest month for Mykonos, and XLSIOR makes it even hotter! Gathering some of the best international DJs, XLSIOR hosts numerous parties through its seven-day duration.

The festival is known for attracting some of the hottest men with incredible bodies and professional tanning — they’re so handsome you might think they are models!


Elysium gay hotel in Mykonos Town

Elysium is the only gay hotel in Greece and one of the best in the world. Built on the top of the hill above Mykonos Town, Elysium is by far the best accommodation choice for gay travelers looking for a more ‘spicy’ experience.

Keeping a really high-quality service, Elysium has much more to offer than a usual hotel: every day at sunset, Elysium becomes the hottest gay hot spot, with its popular, crowded and vivid gay sunset parties! The parties around the pool are boosted with great music, delicious cocktails and some of the best drag shows you’ll ever see!

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