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Why Tom Ford will never leave his husband

Why Tom Ford will never leave his husband

Tom Ford's latest directorial effort is Nocturnal Animals.

Nocturnal Animals director Tom Ford not only has a big new movie out but he’s also about to celebrate a landmark anniversary in his personal life.

Next month marks the 30th anniversary of Ford’s relationship with Richard Buckley who he married in 2014.

‘Richard was a fashion journalist and I was a young fashion designer, and we were at a mutual friend’s fashion show,’ Ford tells People Magazine in its latest issue.

He went on to describe that first meeting: ‘Our eyes locked. It was literally love at first sight. There was something in his eyes that said, “The rest of your life.” We have been together ever since.’

Ford, 55, and fashion journalist Buckley are the parents of a four-year-old son named Jack and the fashion designer-turned-director still feels like Buckley is for the rest of his life.

‘If the person you’re with is someone you respect, who you believe has as good a heart and soul as you will ever find, don’t ever leave them, because you won’t find anyone better.

‘Even if there are moments [or] even years that can be tough. Stick it out.’