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Why you should be packing these condoms this summer

Why you should be packing these condoms this summer

Want to make sure you are never without a condom when you need one?

Now there’s a bargain way to stock up and get fantastic quality for people in the UK.

The Freedoms Shop is selling Shag Packs for just £5 – each with 24 condoms in. That’s far cheaper than in the shops.

And there’s a range available, so you can choose the condoms that give you the best fit and feel. Even fruit flavor is on offer.

The Holiday Pack is perfect for taking away this summer. At £12.49 it comes with a 250ml bottle of Liquid Silk lube as well as the usual 24 condoms.

And if you want other options, take a look around the online shop – there’s a full range of condoms and lube, so you can choose your ideal brand.

Freedoms Shop is run by the National Health Service, which is why the prices are so good.

Just order online and get your pack posted through your door in discreet packaging.