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Will Brian Justin Crum’s stunning Man in the Mirror win America’s Got Talent?

Will Brian Justin Crum’s stunning Man in the Mirror win America’s Got Talent?

Brian Justin Crum inspired many on America's Got Talent.

Brian Justin Crum’s dramatic reworking of Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror wowed judges on America’s Got Talent and just may win him $1 million tonight.

The openly gay singer’s performance on Tuesday (13 September) featured long powerful notes and continued a strong of stand-out performances from the 28-year-old singer from San Diego.

‘There is a big difference between people who come on every week and just sing and are forgotten,’ said notoriously tough music producer Simon Cowell. ‘With you, you are just a naturally brilliant performer.’

Added judge Howie Mandell: ‘Your performance was epic, you made it your own. It couldn’t have been better, it couldn’t have been bigger. It was wonderful.’

Crum said winning the competition ‘would mean everything’ to him.

‘Tonight was for everybody who has felt like they don’t belong, like they aren’t good enough,’ he said. ‘I love you so much, and thank you.’

Prior to the performance, Crum could be seen watching video messages from various other young people telling him about how much he has inspired them. Some have dealt with depression, anxiety and being bullied.

‘It’s people like you who are going to help other kids not have to go through what we went through,’ said one young man in the video.

A tearful Crum said after watching the videos: ‘I never thought when I started this journey that my story would have such an effect on so many people. Knowing what it’s like to go through all that and to not know if you’re going to make it through on the other end – I know what that feels like. Just knowing I can help someone get through that is why I’m here and I know this is what I’m meant to do.’