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WATCH: Will & Grace cast looks back on their (sometimes horrible) auditions

WATCH: Will & Grace cast looks back on their (sometimes horrible) auditions

Will & Grace cast

Are you ready for the return of NBC’s Will & Grace on 28 September?

There are great guest stars lined up for the upcoming season. And boozy milkshakes you can enjoy to celebrate.

Still not enough?

The Human Rights Campaign posted a short and sweet video of the main cast reflecting on their starts with the show back in the beginning. Now as they’re gearing up for a big comeback, it’s a good time to remember how it all started.

For Eric McCormack who plays Will, he initially turned down the show.

‘I walked away for about a month and then I said: “I think I made a terrible mistake.”‘

Luckily it all worked out thought.

Next, Sean Hayes reveals Will & Grace’s casting director asked him to audition when they met at Sundance. However, Hayes didn’t have the money to fly out for an audition. But everything seemed fated to work out, as when he returned home, Will was already cast, but they wanted him to read for ‘the other guy’.

And then we were all blessed with… Just Jack!

Megan Mullally originally audition for Grace and that didn’t go down well at all.

When she returned to audition for Karen, they loved her. When the creators, Max Mutchnick and David Kohan, said she was great and asked why they had never seen her before, ‘she said something you can’t say on TV’.

Finally, Debra Messing was recommended for the part of Grace but had just wrapped on a drama.

‘I said: “I just think I’m too tired,”‘ she recalls with a laugh. They convinced her to audition with McCormack, however, and the rest is history.

Guess we’re pretty lucky with how it all turned out.

Watch the Will & Grace cast reflect on the beginning: