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Will Taylor Swift and Ian McKellen feud on the film set of Cats?

Will Taylor Swift and Ian McKellen feud on the film set of Cats?

Taylor Swift and Ian McKellen will star in Cats

Taylor Swift and Ian McKellen are among the stars appearing in a film version of Cats.

But people are wondering…will there be a cat fight?

Taylor Swift and Ian McKellen starring in film version of Cats

The two very different pop culture icons were named as part of a casting announcement of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical.

Jennifer Hudson and James Corden will also star, according to Screen.

Jennifer Hudson had the crowd wrapped around her little finger

Tom Hooper, who directed The King’s Speech and Les Miserables, will direct. Lloyd Webber’s musical will be adapted by Lee Hall. The original musical, which first premiered in 1981, was based on poetry by TS Eliot.

The play follows a tribe of cats called the Jellicles over the course of one night as they decide which of their group will ascend to the ‘Heaviside Layer’ and come back to a new life.

While it is unlikely Taylor and Ian run in similar social circles, they have encountered one another before.

Taylor Swift had Ian McKellen evicted from an apartment

The Shakespearean actor once revealed that Taylor kicked him out of an apartment.

He was staying at an apartment which was owned by Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings. Swift purchased it and had him removed.

‘When I was living in Peter Jackson’s apartment in New York, Taylor Swift bought it while I was there and I was thrown out before I wanted to leave!’ Ian told Gay Star News.

‘That hardly puts me in Taylor Swift’s team, does it?’

But it sounds like Ian was only too happy to shake it off.

‘She bought [the apartment], she had every right to – I was just lodging there for free!’ he said.

And it doesn’t seem like there’s any bad blood from Taylor’s side either.

Ian added: ‘She did ask me to appear with Patrick Stewart at her show in LA, but I had something else to do that night.’