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Will Young defends gay marriage on BBC1 Question Time

Original Pop Idol winner says religious leaders should 'rightfully' be imprisoned for homophobic comments

Will Young defends gay marriage on BBC1 Question Time

Will Young clashed with Janice Atkinson-Small from the Daily Mail on BBC1's Question Time while debating the issue of gay marriage in the UK.

When asked by an audience member whether the proposal to allow gay marriage would undermine the institution of marriage as a whole, the openly gay singer criticised the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland who recently likened same-sex marriage to slavery, describing his comments as 'disgusting, repellant' and 'archaic'.

The Jealousy singer went on to say: 'If this guy had been talking like this against race or religion he would be in court now.'

In response to Young's comments, fellow panelist Atkinson warned that religious leaders could be 'called into a police station' for sharing their beliefs to which Young replied 'Yes, rightfully so.'

Atkinson also expressed her concerns over the British government's involvement in the argument over gay marriage, calling it 'dangerous'.

Young's views were shared by communities secretary Eric Pickles, shadow energy and climate change secretary Caroline Flint and novelist Will Self.

However, Pickles noted that 'for merely expressing the view that it is wrong in the view of his religion, to turn that into a hate crime would be the worst kind of repression'.

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