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Will Young was ‘persecuted’ as a gay man in the early days of his career

Will Young was ‘persecuted’ as a gay man in the early days of his career

Pop veteran Will Young is headlining Manchester Pride's The Big Weekend

Openly gay British singer Will Young has opened up on the early days of his career.

In a recent interview, the former Strictly Come Dancing contestant revealed he was ‘persecuted’ for being gay.

Young came out as gay shortly after winning Pop Idol in 2002.

‘I felt scared’

‘Things have changed a lot since I won Pop Idol and I didn’t even realize in the past how persecuted I was as a gay man,’ he said.

‘At times I felt scared and I didn’t want to rock the boat for my career.’

The Leave Right Now singer furthermore added: ‘But now, that feels archaic. We’re in a different age and I’m more confident in myself and I also have legal backing that I didn’t have before.’

‘Civil partnerships, gay marriage, gay adoption, being able to feel secure in your relationships – all these things have made me, as a gay man, feel more secure.’

Inclusivity should start at a young age

The singer also added inclusivity should start at a young age.

‘Inclusivity must start at the youngest age possible – why would it not? It’s really important because every child is different. We’re all unique,’ he said in an interview with HELLO! magazine.

‘It’s not just about the people you want to love or are attracted to when you grow up but what you want to eat, what you look like, where you live, what your parents are like,’ he added.

‘Difference should be celebrated from the youngest age.’

‘No matter what makes them different, children are equal and they should never be made to feel abnormal.’

Moreover, he said adults can learn from kids when it comes to acceptance.

‘The problem, I think, is that adults, because they’ve had more years of social conditioning and prejudice and shame put on them, get scared about talking about these issues,’ he added.

‘But kids aren’t born with prejudice and they haven’t been conditioned and it’s very normal to them.’

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