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Wimbledon champ Andy Murray’s new coach is a woman – and a lesbian

Wimbledon champ Andy Murray’s new coach is a woman – and a lesbian

When Andy Murray returns to Wimbledon in two weeks to try and defend the title he won there in 2013, he will do so under the guidance of a new coach: Amelie Mauresmo.

Mauresmo, 34, came out publicly as a lesbian in 1999, the year she made the final of the Australian Open as a teenager.

The Frenchwoman went on to reach the number one ranking in 2004 and again in 2006 when she won both the Wimbledon and Australian Open singles titles.

While it has been common for top male pros to hire former champions as coaches – Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg, Michael Chang and Boris Becker for example – Murray is the first to select a woman.

‘I’m passionate about this sport,’ Mauresmo tells The New York Times. ‘I love challenges. I don’t know; I guess I like to put myself on the line at some point and see what I can do.’

As far as being one of the only women to ever coach a top male pro Mauresmo says: ‘It’s not really interesting for me, this part of the story, to be honest. All I’m interested in is to be able to help him in his goals.’

Murray, 27, has fallen in the rankings and struggled to recover to his full former self since back surgery last year. He parted ways with Lendl in March after winning Wimbledon, the US Open and the Olympic Gold Medal during their time together.

Murray lost in the semifinals of the French Open to eventual champion Rafael Nadal last Friday (6 June) and in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open to Roger Federer in January.

It is perhaps not totally surprising that Murray would hire a woman as a coach since during his younger years, he was often coach by his mother.

His mother, Judy Murray wrote on Twitter: ‘Love it.’