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Win a Vacation to Stockholm or Gothenburg with VisitSweden

Win a Vacation to Stockholm or Gothenburg with VisitSweden

Win a Holiday to Stockholm or Gothenburg with Stockholm LGBT

For many years now, we at Gay Star News have recognized Sweden as among the world’s most open-minded countries, truly welcoming of LGBTI travelers.

2019 heralds an important year for Sweden. It’s the 75th anniversary of the decriminalization of homosexuality, earning it the moniker of ‘gay since 1944’. Also, it’ll be 10 years since equal marriage was passed in 2009, so the country has a lot to be proud of when it comes to being part of the global LGBT+ community.

As you’ve read from many of our pieces this year, a visit to LGBTI friendly Sweden is exciting and inspiring. Stockholm, the ‘Open City’ is a beautiful and sophisticated destination with an inclusive LGBT+ scene.

Stockholm Pride in August each year is a great time to visit, Sweden’s biggest annual event and Scandinavia’s largest LGBT+ festival. But whatever time of year you choose to visit, you can revel it is fabulous culture – especially its acclaimed design scene and also it’s gastronomy.

If you’ve already visited Stockholm and want to try something new, check out Gothenburg. Each year, the city kicks off summer with West Pride, that attracts travelers from miles around.

Plus it’s a summer full of great music festivals and its proximity to nature gives you two holidays in one. Because of its position in the West Swedish archipelago, Gothenburg boasts some of the freshest, most innovative restaurant concepts around, including Sweden’s top hetero-friendly LGBTI restaurant and bar.

Sweden – Editor’s choice

Magazine editors are great barometers when it comes to deciding what your next holiday destination should be. After all, it is their job to journey the world and try out the best experiences so they can tell their readers about what each place offers.

VisitSweden talked to four international LGBT+ magazine editors and asked them what it is they love most about the country. Read what they have to say and be inspired. Then all you need to do is enter the prize draw and you may win a holiday to Sweden. 

Terms and conditions apply, only open to residents of the US and UK.

Enter at or follow the conversation at @visitswedenlgbt #visitswedenlgbt #opentoeveryone

Whatever your interests, Sweden is a place that is Open to Everyone, no matter what your background and no matter who you love. For more LGBT+ travel inspiration, visit our dedicated portal at

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