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Wisconsin businesses embrace rainbow decals to show they’re LGBTI-friendly

Wisconsin businesses embrace rainbow decals to show they’re LGBTI-friendly

The Welcome and Inclusive decals from the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Businesses both inside and outside Wisconsin that want to visibly demonstrate that they welcome LGBTI customers can now do so thanks to the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber has just launched a new rainbow decal for stores, restaurants and other businesses. The decal features the letters ‘WI’ and the wording, ‘Welcome and Inclusive.

In a statement, the Chamber said that it had launched the decals because, ‘Study after study has shown that LGBT individuals (as well as allies) want to do business with those that share their values. One recent study even concluded that LGBT individuals would be willing to spend up to twice as much on a product or service if they knew the company they were utilizing supported the LGBT community.’

In a statement to Gay Star Business, Wisconsin LGBT Chamber Executive Director Jason Rae said, ‘The response to our Welcoming & Inclusive decals has been overwhelmingly positive. We’ve been hearing from people all over the state – even the country for that matter – who are looking to put one up in their business.

‘With the so-called “Religious Freedom” bills and anti LGBT legislation around the country, businesses that are committed to the LGBT community are very excited to publicly show their support. It’s been great to travel the state and see them in windows and hear consumers speak so positively about them. We are excited to see how this program can continue to grow.’

The decals are being sold for $5.

This is not the first time that stores have been able to demonstrate their support for LGBTI inclusiveness. Last year, a campaign – Open For Service – was launched in Indiana to encourage businesses to display decals welcoming everyone.

Way back in 1982, Wisconsin was the first state in the US to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation in employment, housing and public accommodations. It was also the first state to have a gay Senator; Democrat Tammy Baldwin.

The full design of the decal
The full design of the decal