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Woman allegedly trashed man’s apartment because she thought he was gay

Woman allegedly trashed man’s apartment because she thought he was gay

man assaulted in colorado hate crime

A woman has been arrested in Colorado after trashing a gay man’s apartment in what’s being treated as a hate crime.

The victim’s apartment was said to be trashed when Sarah Marie Diaz, 31, got upset after learning he was involved in a relationship with another man.

The victim called the Loveland police, saying that Diaz threw a plate at him, resulting in an injury.

According to the police report, she ‘destroyed his property‘ because she is angry at his ‘gay behavior‘.

Diaz admitted to throwing a plate but said she was trying to throw it at the floor. She also allegedly used a gay slur to describe the victim, according to police.

Police described the apartment as ‘in shambles with broken glass all over the floor, a TV hanging off the dresser from its cord, a table overturned in the living room and the floor and bed were both wet.’

Diaz is being charged with causing non-serious bodily injury, domestic violence, criminal mischief and assault in the third degree, with possible bias crime enhancements.

Other incidents 

Colorado has hit headlines recently as it’s become the center of a gay cake storm.

Owners of the Masterpiece Cakeshop are suing the Colorado Civil Rights Commission (CCRC) after they refused to bake a cake for a transgender woman.

A federal court has now agreed to hear the case.

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