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Woman attacks gay couple for holding hands, tells daughter to join in

Woman attacks gay couple for holding hands, tells daughter to join in

homophobic attack on gay couple birmingham

Police are investigating reports a woman with two young children attacked a gay couple for holding hands.

Authorities are investigating the attack in Selly Oak, Birmingham (UK) on 31 May as a hate crime. The victims are asking any witnesses to come forward.

Simon Jenkins, 33, and his partner Ben Drawer, 21, walked across a bridge at around 7.30pm near the railway station. When they passed a woman with two children, she allegedly called them a homophobic slur.

After Jenkins called her out on the slur, the woman is said to have started screaming more abuse. She allegedly hit them with her shoe. They tried to record the incident, but she reportedly slapped the phone away and grabbed a plank of wood.

She also said they were ‘disgusting’ and would ‘burn in hell’. The couple claim no one tried to help and they were forced to flee from the scene.

An appeal for witnesses

Talking to BirminghamLive, Jenkins said: ‘Every time I leave home with my partner I feel like I’m going into battle.

‘Do we really have to live in a world where it’s OK for people to make homophobic slurs?’

Talking about the incident, he says: ‘She called us dirty b***ards, shouted sexually explicit things at us and made homophobic remarks.’

They said the two children were aged around five and 10. The woman is described as in her early 30s and black.

Police confirmed to the news site they are investigating and are treating the incident as a potential hate crime.

LGBTI hate crimes are on the rise in the UK. Two queer women were assaulted on a London bus as they came home from a date. Anti-LGBTI protests erupted outside Birmingham schools, where this news story takes place.

Also, analysis by the Guardian found LGBTI hate crimes across England and Wales rose by 144%.

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