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Woman beats gay husband to death in New Delhi, India

A woman has beaten her husband to death in the Gokulpuri district of New Delhi after discovering he was continuing a gay affair with a former household servant

Woman beats gay husband to death in New Delhi, India

A woman shocked residents in the New Dehli district of Gokulpuri when she walked to the local police station with blood soaked hands and clothes to confess to the murder of her gay husband.

33-year-old housewife Uttam Devi walked into Gokulpuri police station on Tuesday to tell them she had killed her 43-year-old husband, Dhanpal Singh, by bashing his head into a wall in their home.

When asked why she had killed him she told police that Singh had continued an affair with a domestic servant the family had once employed and that all attempts to change his behavior had failed.

‘Uttam was upset over the matter and had warned him many times,’ a police officer told Indian media.

‘On Tuesday, she was infuriated when she caught her husband and the servant in a compromising position. In a fit of rage, she started banging his head on the wall till he died.’

It was not the first time that Singh had been seriously beaten by his wife, with him returning from hospital from injuries inflicted by his wife only the day before.

‘He had been brought back from a hospital in Loni on Monday,’ a police officer said.

‘He had to be admitted after he was severely beaten by his wife and several of his relatives over the same issue of dating a man.’

Many Indian gay men feel compelled to marry because of family pressure and Devi was only the second woman that Sign had sought to marry. He is survived by two children from an earlier marriage.

The well-being of the other man is unknown.

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